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Polish Disc

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    Non-woven Flap Disc
    Grain: Coarse Medium Fine
    Used For: Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal, Mild Steel, High Grade Steel
    Advantage: Removes thin weld seams on each king of materials without damaging the surrounding materials with caratches and dents.
    Version: Flat (Type 27) / Convex Form (Type 29)
    Backing: Glass Fibre Rein forced
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    Corundum Polishing Disc
    *Derusting, deburring, removal. Be excellent for abrasive works.
    *They stand out for their high removal rate and long lifetime.
    *Suitable backing pads round off the program.
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    Fibre Polishing Wheel
    *Outstanding soft elasticity and form smooth surface without deep abrading porosity is adjustable and aovid overheating and burning. Keep well self- sharening.
    *Excellent absoring ability and suitable for dry polishing and wet polishing cooled by oil.
    Applications: used for soft, sticky metal, such as aluminium alloy, brass, zinc, stainless steel, matal, etc.
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    Nylon Polishing Wheel
    *Constructed of large nylon filament. Utilizes coarse silicon carbide grain.
    Open, non-loading structure. Rapid removal of surface contaminants while producing fine finishes.
    *Cleaning welds, removing corrosion, rust and scaling. Removing paints, varnishes and sealants from difficult to reaach surfaces.
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    Flexible Flap Disc-Sunflower Disc
    Grain: Alumium Oxide Calcine Alumium Oxide Zirconium Oxxide
    Used For: Designed for ues on rust, paint, steel, and non-ferrous metals, along with any other surface that needs sanding.
    Grit Size Avallable: #40, #60, #80, #100, #120
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    Sponge Disc
    Grain: Black Colour Purple Colour Blue Colour Orange Colour
    Used For: It can be used a wide range of application inculding wood polishing, concrete, metal and stainless steel polishing.
    Version: Flat (Type 27)
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    Felt Flap Disc
    Grain: Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal, Mild Steel, High Grade Steel
    Advantage: For finial polishing applications to achieve a mirror finish.
    It should be used in conjunction with a polishing compound for maximising efficiency.
    Version: Flat (Type 27)
    Type: Sheet Type Round Type
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    Strip Abrasives Range-Strip Disc, Strip Wheel
    Grain: Black colour, Purple Colour, Blue Colour and Orange Colour
    Used For: Specially used for rust and paint-removal.
    It can be used a wide range of application inculding woodworking, removing coating, concrete, metal and stainless steel grinding.
    Version: Flat (Type 27)

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