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Three Win Industry Supply Co., Ltd.

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Three Win Industry Supply Co., Ltd. is the professional tool manufacturer and trader combination in China.It has its own factory ---Zhen Jiang HTT Tool Co.,Ltd. as its production base, quality inspection center and various new designed kit packing location.

It has its own featured R&D department and provides those factory-direct most competitive prices to customers with those best and more product solution projects.

It can always provide newest designs, good quality products and tool sales project to the customers for professional, contractors and DIY customers for different applications in the world market.

Our tool product lines mainly major in the field of power tool accessories, such as diamond saw blades, hammer drill bit, masonry drill bit, HSS bit, TCT saw blade, cutting disc,etc for different applications in construction and building industries. Most of our products passed the certificates in different fields to guarantee satisfied qualities with our advanced machines, strict management and first-class innovative ideas and researches.

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