Hole Saw

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    HSS Annular Cutter, 9198 Series
    Each cut loads only one-third cutting force, fast feed rate, smooth cutting, less vibration and long tool life.
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    Bimetal Hole Saw, 937 Series
    Exact holes for recessed sockets and passing cables and pipes.

    Extremely quiet-running thanks to Vario toothing.

    Reduced-vibration drilling with fast saw advance.

    Long service life thanks to special-alloy tool steel body with sold mounting plate.
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    TCT Stucco&Wood Hole Cutter, 3865 Series
    Professional cut holes in general purposes, such as wood, stucco, plaster, chipboard, laminated board, brick, MDF board, non-ferrous sheet, ceramic, etc.

    Max. cutting depth. 60mm
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    Heavy Duty TCT Hole Cutter, 913 Series
    Ideal for drilling in alloyed, unalloyed steel, stainless sheet steel.

    Precision for outstanding hole dimensional accuracy.

    Max. Cutting thickness up to 10mm in metal, inox and stainless steel.

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